Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's so hard to "sell yourself"

Ever made a cover letter?

It's basically something I was never taught how to make. They taught us how to make resumes but when did cover letters become a thing? So a cover letter is supposed to "praise" the company you're applying for and "sell yourself" to them so that they'll choose you over a bunch of other applicants who are vying for the same thing you want... a prestigious position in their elite company. That's all well and good.. I have no problem with that... but OH MAN! It's so hard to sell yourself. You have to talk yourself up while still remaining humble and at the same time make yourself the best option to capture their interest so that they'll invite you in for an interview.

Well I've never done the whole marketing thing and selling thing.. after all I tried to avoid the whole finance part when we had projects. Even just trying to raise money for things like yearbooks, my loving parents always helped me out by contacting their friends. Now it's my turn to step up and do the contacting. I guess sticking it out for 7 years, there has got to be a reason. I hope that it means that my opportunity, the one that I've been waiting for, is ready for me and I for it. That's why it has taken me this long to actually take the scariest step in my career and actually put myself out there and take a chance.

The first step was the resume which was more or less easy enough since it's just cold hard facts about yourself. You don't actually sell yourself there but put your life works and achievements there in cold hard facts complete with year of accomplishment. Then the next part, the research... where do you want to apply to and what exactly do you want. This is a tedious process that can make one very dizzy. I could only do a few options of researching per night before things got confusing. After that's done, put the companies in order of where you want to apply the most and get to work on that cover letter. So since I've never actually done a cover letter before I had to google it.. Thank you google! Even though you can google the format you can't make google make the letter for you, so I got to making the cover letter. The first paragraph was tough but made easier since I really want to get in to the company (and the research you did on the company factors in to this paragraph). Then comes the second paragraph (on which I am currently stuck on)... the one where you actually "sell yourself" so to speak. Where you put in your good points and how you can benefit the company. It's the hardest to make since what points exactly do you put in and how do you put it eloquently enough that it is convincing. And how exactly do you sell yourself beyond your resume without it becoming an essay? I know I have to be clear, concise and to the point. Here we go...

Oh and before I end this.. the last paragraph of a cover letter is probably the easiest since you just reinforce your interest and thank them for taking the time to read your letter and resume and hope that they'll contact you.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The feeling of Being Left Behind

It's odd to have this feeling. Not that I haven't had it before. It's the feeling where everyone you hang out with has their own plans which don't include you. It's when your friends go out with another friend to watch a movie and leave you behind. It's when they head out to eat somewhere and you aren't invited. It's plans they make without you and just ask you if you want to go too because you happen to see or hear what it is they're planning to do.

Well it's the feeling of being left behind. It ain't a great feeling obviously... like the world is spinning in circles and you're getting left behind because perhaps for one reason or another you just don't fit in. Not that you aren't friends still... but something like that feeling will definitely affect the way one feels about their friend... Perhaps it's hormones, but I doubt it. Something is different, and you just don't know if it's something that you did or if it's just nothing...happenstance... the way the wind is blowing...

Whatever it is... strength in one's self and indulging in a hobby is probably the best way to handle it for now. If things don't change, maybe it's time to find a new set of friends. Ones who will treat you like you actually are important to their group dynamic... well put more emotionally... ones who make you feel like they want to spend time with you and that you are important to them.

*You are strong! A billion plus people in the world..some of them are bound to treat you better.*